Suterusu Act 3 and Magnet

April 1, 2010

She’s moving forward slowly, oh so slowly. She now has oto’s and doesn’t slip and fall whenever there is a fast tempo!

Download her here:


And she has sung Magnet with Yue Nagareboshi! Watch it right here:


Suterusu Act 2 and Dolls

February 13, 2010

Thanks to a certain encounter with a certain person who may be the ONLY person who had interest in Suterusu, (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), she now has an Act 2. I actually got off my lazy butt and re-recorded a shitload of sounds for her. In my opinion, she sound a hell of a lot better. And she’s not missing things anymore! Yay.

This is not my favorite song for her, but it was available to use so I used it. She needed something to show off her wonderful new sounds. And hells yes, you can actually HEAR her constants now!

Here’s her Act 2! Hope she serves you well~
Act 2 Download:



Nagare can sing English?!

December 24, 2009

Although I’m still working on it, Nagare can sort of sing in English now, as shown by the Away in a Manger. He’s still not capable of a lot, but it’s usable, and I should get the English and Chinese voicebank done by the end of this week. The VB is up for download on the Box.net widget! It’s the one in hiragana with the 3.5 tacked onto it. It also has some .oto updates, so please download!

For now, enjoy Nagare’s Engrish!



D. Gray-Man: Musician’s Song/Fourteenth’s Lullaby

November 15, 2009

Most people who watch DGM know about that song that Allen randomly knows how to play on the piano.

And somehow, Nagare also gained the ability…and we have a Noah UTAUloid.

o_o; Anyways! UST and off-vocal up for download in that pretty little Box.net widget to the right~



From Y to Y

November 8, 2009

Nagare decided to show off his V3ness with From Y to Y, but who he tried to propose to, I don’t know~

I personally think that this is his best solo, because he hit puberty! He’s not so squeaky or girly anymore, and his tone is much better.

What do you guys think?



I Like You, I Love You PV

November 4, 2009


You betcha. I, Roxii/Suterusu, worked my ass off on this PV. After a truckload of blood, sweat, and tears (damn papercuts) I finished and synced the video! She’s sounded better, I personally think it’s so great to see her finally thrown into a PV.

I consider it a huge achievement.

I was originally going to make a PV for MELT, but Uchi/Nagare convinced me that it would be better to start with an easy one, like this.

Anyways, here’s the video!


First Fanart?!

November 3, 2009


Nagare and Suterusu star in their first fan art! It was drawn by Kero-sempai from DeviantArt, and right now, Roxy-san and I are worshipping them over the fact that YES, they drew a FANART.


It makes us feel so…appreciated! Y’know, that warm fuzzy feeling that leaves you jumping off the walls.


Anyways. Here’s the magnificent, awesome, much-appreciated, gorgeous, yada yada, etc. pic!!!!


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I had to shrink it because it wouldn’t fit. ^_^;

Go here to see the original!